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THE TORIES Setup 1965/66
<< THE TORIES at Anne Frank youth club with Vox equipment - CLICK for a higher resolution
THE TORIES at Anne Frank youth club, Photo: M.Bittrich - (c)1965

Hucky exchanged his small Framus bass combo for an Echolette Bassking head and a 15-inch speaker box in the summer of 1964, while the guitarists tinkered along with the Framus Stratos for quite awhile longer. Finally, following Hucky's urging, around springtime 1965 they invested in an all Vox setup. Reinhard and Dieter each got an AC30 Twin Reverb head with a Vox 2x12" speaker cabinet, Hagen the AC50 and huge speaker cabinet incorporating two 15" speakers. Each one of the amps cost in excess of 2000 marks, but they were worth it every penny as the sound was not only powerful but unique for Berlin in those days - The Tories even could use the brand as an advertising gadget.

The guitars were updated too: Dieter bought a yellow burst EKO Plectrum Model 290/2/V Semi Hollowbody, Hagen a white Fender Precision Bass, and finally Reinhard switched to a brownish Hopf Allround Semiakustik.
Ede Winter
now played a Ludwig Set consisting of snare, two hanging and one standing Tom, bass drum, hi-hat and two ride cymbals. Later he added one more cymbal. His nasty crash cymbal was there all the time.

And finally the PA system was refreshed: Four ED12 ("nugget" microphones) were installed in front of each member and the voice sounds were inputed to an Echolette M40. Next to a very effective valve amplification that musician's darling featured a regulated tape echo letting the TORIES' "Wipe Out" intro sound eerily nice.
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